Beekeepers & Harvesting

Each Hunter-Reilly beekeeper is required to meet the exacting standards needed to produce this quality product.

Hunter-Reilly beekeepers can trace every jar of honey to a particular valley or paddock in the Wairarapa. We can point to a jar and tell you precisely where it is from.

The Wairarapa is unspoilt, breathtaking and rich with Manuka. Our hives are positioned in often remote locations, both dramatic and beautiful. The hives can be so remote that we sometimes need bulldozers or similar to access the hives as the terrain is so rugged – or we use the bulldozer to create a road to get to them!

However, no hive is so distant that our bees become stressed when transported. And all our hives are within the Wairarapa area. There is no need to travel hundreds of miles. To be honest, it is all here on doorstep.

And we make sure we only have enough hives as there is Manuka. We won’t overcrowd an area. That is part of our promise to achieve better bee health.

Our keepers look forward with great anticipation to harvest-time and seeing what slight variations of flavour and colour are achieved from the same valley each year.

This means our honey is truly artisan – a genuine craft, where the differences are celebrated.