Our Story

We are a sharp, new honey company, born from a generational legacy and a passion for one of the best health-foods known to mankind – Manuka honey.

Located in the beautiful, wild Wairarapa in New Zealand, Hunter Reilly is the result of a consuming desire to produce the highest quality Manuka honey possible for our customers, both in New Zealand and internationally. With our eight dedicated beekeepers and their equal enthusiasm, we are strong and moving forward.

We believe in the proven health benefits of Manuka honey when it is produced to our exemplary standards, and consider it the most divine tasting honey available.

Hunter Reilly has taken world-wide concerns about the health of bee populations so seriously that it has developed unique ways and products (Hive Doctor) to help protect these precious beings. It is this tangible commitment that ensures the quality Hunter Reilly can promise.

The people behind the brand…

Jan Ferguson’s family bee-keeping legacy formed the foundation on which Hunter Reilly has been built. Her Grandfather “Pop” taught her father the craft, Jan grew up with bees and then Jan’s father taught Stu. Stu became captivated and then obsessed with the extraordinary creatures.

With a career in product development and a commitment and concern for the health of bees globally, Stu naturally progressed to develop, patent and produce the leading-edge Hive Doctor products to address the worrying pest and disease challenges bees currently face.

Now, they combine that technology with their extensive bee-keeping expertise to produce some of the best honey available for the world market.

Like the previous generations of beekeepers before them, family is central to Jan and Stu and they fit business in around their four children who, like the bees, thrive in the Wairarapa countryside.

Their legacy in honey production is one they want to share with customers world-wide and sustain for years to come.