Our customers demand perfection. We expect perfection.

We believe that what comes out of the hive is as close to perfection as you can get. We therefore aim to minimise the immense damage some processes can do to honey, by using the most up-to-date production technology we can.

We are audited regularly to ensure our facilities and harvesting meet the stringent protocols and fantastic reputation that New Zealand Manuka honey enjoys.

We know there are some imposters in the industry and some claims are not accurate – honeys are sometimes blended without advising customers, and claims of activity levels may be false or misleading, and a lot of honey is over-processed – an issue that risks the very special nature of the New Zealand Manuka honey industry.

We are constantly updating all our equipment to keep up with the ever changing industry standards. Many commercial or traditional processing involves liquefying, then straining or filtering honey. This is done so that debris such as bee wings, legs, dust, etc can be filtered out. But such operations usually require heat to reduce the honey’s viscosity or thickness. The result is considerable damage to the honey.

Heating can change flavours and textures, reduce natural enzyme activity and change sugar compositions.


Hunter Reilly Limited has been registered as an Animal Products Exporter. You can view our certificate here.

We are also registered for the Risk Management Programme. You can view our certificate here.